Sat 17th April 2021



ISIS releases a music video

To the surprise of everyone, instead of a beheading video that we have become accustomed to, ISIS just released a music video, featuring hijab clad women gyrating around soldiers carrying guns and rocket launchers to what sounded like some sort of Arabic rap. In the background were some old vehicles and a tank. Sources close

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Horoscope for the month of June

Aries – Your partner will cheat on you this month but it is only because you have been seeing someone behind his/ her back since last few years. Other than this, your relationship will remain as strong as ever.   Taurus – You will die alone, unmourned, and unloved, but because you do it on live television, you

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May cautions Russia to eliminate people more responsibly

The government of United Kingdom has warned Russia to be more careful when trying to kill people. After toxins were found in the vicinity of the attack on Sergei Skripal, Theresa May told Russian spooks to tidy up after themselves when murdering enemies on British soil. The prime minister said: “If Russia continues to use

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Trump just right swiped Kim Jong Un on Bumble

After the roaring success of its dating application Bumble, and its extension, Bumble BFF, the company recently launched BumbleWL, exclusively designed for world leaders to get matched and establish private communication channels with other world leaders. The testament to its success came when President Donald Trump right swiped Kim Jong Un and found himself matched.

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