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Thu 22nd August 2019
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ISIS releases a music video

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To the surprise of everyone, instead of a beheading video that we have become accustomed to, ISIS just released a music video, featuring hijab clad women gyrating around soldiers carrying guns and rocket launchers to what sounded like some sort of Arabic rap. In the background were some old vehicles and a tank.


Sources close to the command reported that with the setbacks in Iraq and Syria, there seems to be a change in the overall strategy of ISIS. They no longer believe that the war could be won with just guns and tanks. Nor is the young generation gullible enough anymore to swing into action on the mere promise of some left-over biryani or availing virgins in the afterlife. This video seems to be an attempt at appealing to the young generation with something they can relate to.


In furtherance to this strategy, our sources revealed, ISIS also announced a D-Day sale of their last remaining stock of Yazidi women at never seen before discounted prices.

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