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Wed 16th October 2019
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Blackbucks eagerly await the next Salman Khan film

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Amidst all the noise and conflicting opinions, in order to get an all-round perspective on Salman Khan’s release on bail, we asked two blackbucks from a sanctuary near Jodhpur about how they felt on the issue. They said:


“We are huge fans of Salman Khan. Not just because of his acting but because of the kind of person he is. We are relived that he got out on bail. We thank God and the justice system. Now we will break our fast.”


When we asked if they are not angry as he killed two of your fellows and he is a habitual offender, the blackbucks said, “that was really long time ago, it is water under the bridge. Those two blackbucks probably deserved it. And in any case, his movies are literally to die for.”


“We can’t wait for his next release.”

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