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Thu 22nd August 2019
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7 habits of highly effective people

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Habit 1 – Everyone inherently feels the urge to do something positive once in a while. It is important that you don’t allow yourself to be dragged into this fairy tale utopian mind-set. Try not do anything about it for a while till the urge subsides. It is all about curbing your enthusiasm.


Habit 2 – Complicate what appears to be a simple task. Unless you feel challenged, you are not going to be able to get the best out of you.  Also, if you complicate the task, it is much more satisfying if you eventually end up completing it.


Habit 3 – Look for the trees and eventually you will get an idea about the forest. As they say, the devil lies in the detail.


Habit 4 – Prioritize. Do the hard things first. You anyways have the easy ones covered.


Habit 5 – It’s not all win-win. The world is a zero-sum game. It’s a jungle out there. Make sure you come out as a winner, whatever it takes. And yes, make it a habit.


Habit 6 – Always ask what’s in it for you. This will help you get your priorities straight. Try not be distracted with what the other person might be reasonably expecting.


Habit 7 – Just go with the flow. Don’t think too hard. Thinking is highly overrated.

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