Wed 12th August 2020

How to date a right-wing Hindu nationalist guy

Don’t care about what people think. Your haters don’t know what it is like to date a dangerously charming individual who is driven by an ideology and the love for his country and its culture. They are too comfortable living mundane lives. Your boring friends can judge you all they want, but they will never understand your motives until they find themselves in a similar position. Just ignore them and keep being yourself.


Don’t ask about his past life. You don’t want to know how many Muslims, Christians, Dalits and other minorities he may have beaten up without any reason. Nothing worthwhile has ever come out by unearthing the past in a relationship. Just don’t ask and fingers crossed that he won’t tell you.


Don’t try to change him. You will not be able to, so don’t try. If you’re not into his ideology, then you should probably find yourself another boyfriend. A right-wing Hindu nationalist will never prioritize your relationship over his belief. In fact, he will probably never love you because he’s too busy loving his country and its culture.


Do what he does better. Besides rioting and protesting, at some point in your relationship, you might go watch a movie in a theatre or a game in a stadium with him. Make sure you get up before him for the national anthem and stand longer than he does. You will find that he will have a new-found respect towards you. This can even improve your sex life, if you are having any sex at all that is.


Don’t try to kiss him or give him gifts on Valentine’s Day. As much as he may love that you kiss him in public or give him gifts, don’t do this on Valentine’s Day. It is considered as a reflection of the western culture. It would be best to completely ignore him on this day and act as if you don’t care about him at all.

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